Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Its so hard, to say goodbye.....

....not really.

The old girl is sold and gone to what I can only hope is a better home. The new owner works on and owns a fair amount of VW/Audi's. So I am happy she is in good hands.

Whats next?

There is a good deal of debate in my head as to what car is next. The list is long in my head and the options are even longer.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on the sad news

oil pressure is at 18psi at idle meaning there is a clog somewhere. the valves are now ticking due to lack of oil flow to them.

it was suggested that i replace the whole motor. instead i think i am going to replace the whole car.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The end.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome back GTI

Well after some time in the sun saturday afternoon, I was able to get the old girl up and running like a champ.
The oil pressure had been comimg on and I was stumped on what it could be. That was until I decided to go against my gut and replace the oil pick up tube. After some time under the car removing the 20 or so bolts, I got the pan off and got a look at the pick up tube. Yep it sure was clogged up with sludge. So after replacing it, I cleaned out a good amount of the sludge to prevent any future issues. I button everything up and topped her off with fresh oil. Started her and took her for a good hour test drive and no warning light.
GTI 1, Oil sludge 0

While I was out there and had the car under the knife. I decided to rotate my trottle body 90 degrees. There is a growing theory that if you rotate it 90 degrees that it allows equal air flow to all four chambers. So I did it. Did I see or feel a difference? No, I might have been overjoyed with the fact the old girl was running like a champ to notice. I guess time will tell.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Update to the update to do list

Things that I got done from that lovely to do list.
Swap out dogbone mount to stock OEM mount
Strip and texture paint mirrors

Things that I have not got done.
Timing belt and all that comes along with doing that
Replace subframe and control arms do to squeaking
Tackle the power steering leak from the hoses coming off the pump
Tackle coolant leak from housing to block
Tackle fuel pump level to get a accurate fuel level reading
New rotors (slotted)
New brake pads
New tires (either match the fronts or four new ones)
New stock OEM axles both sides (never can be too sure)
Add rear swaybar
Add front lower strut bar
Add (maybe) new shock/spring combo (no more than 1.5 inch drop)
New lug nuts with locking lug nuts
Strip and paint rims
Redo door card fabric
Strip and paint valve cover
Tint ?! (Still on the fence on doing this and spending the money)

Monday, December 7, 2009


So last week the lovely oil pressure light came on. For what reason I have no idea. My fingers are crossed and I am hoping it is oil sludge build up in the oil pick up tube.
So I picked up a new pick up tube and o-ring. I hope to replace it and check out sludge build up if any.

I hope to have good news this coming weekend pending the weather conditions.